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Change is easier now than it has been for decades

Our newest Champion, Robert “Bob” Debus AM recently delivered the second Frank Walker Memorial Lecture to the NSW Society of Labor Lawyers. He spoke of the need for genuine decision-making power for Aboriginal people to address over-imprisonment and highlighted our work in Bourke as a model for change.

“It is … my rebuttable perception that declining crime rates generally reduce the ability of talkback radio to agitate public opinion. I believe it is easier at the present time than it has been for decades for a Government to divert funds into diversionary and rehabilitative measures within the correctional system should it actually desire to do so. It is a better time to seek bipartisan commitment to a more rational and humane approach to crime prevention — and to explain it to the public.” (Bob Debus, 16 February 2016)

Read the transcript of theĀ Frank Walker Memorial Lecture 2016

Posted: 9 March 2016

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