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About the JR Calculator

The JR Calculator has been especially developed to assist people discover and understand what is happening in their local communities.

It provides comparative data on a number of issues that affect the economic, health and social well-being of a community. It also provides important information on the amount being spent on corrective services in a community. The data is based on 2013 figures. The situation in many cases has got a lot worse. Current data can be accessed here.

Access to information is a real driver of change and the JR Calculator can provide you with information to see if the money being spent on corrective service responses in your community is providing the best return on that investment. If not, we can provide advice on what you could do about it.

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Fast facts

  • Indigenous Australians are underrepresented in diversions by courts to drug and alcohol treatment facilities....

  • Indigenous people only make up 2.5% of Australia’s population but figures now show 26% of adult males in prison are Indigenous, 31% of adult females in prison are Indigenous and 49% of young people in juvenile detention are Indigenous....

  • A recent study by Deloitte Access Economics found that $111,000 can be saved per year per offender by diverting non-violent Indigenous offenders with substance use problems into treatment instead of prison. A further $92,000 per offender in the long term could be saved due to lower mortality and better health related quality of life outcomes....

  • Each year there are over 30 000 new prison receptions and over 150,000 movements among prisoners in New South Wales....