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Justice reinvestment

Justice reinvestment in Bourke

A briefing paper written by Just Reinvest NSW, Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) and the Australian Human Rights Commission, August 2013.

Justice reinvestment: accountability in action

A paper on justice reinvestment delivered by Mick Gooda Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner for the District and County Courts of Australia and New Zealand Conference in 2013.

Value of justice reinvestment to criminal justice

The Australian Senate referred to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee the matter of the value of a justice reinvestment approach to criminal justice in Australia for inquiry and report by 16 May 2013. This is their Report.

Looking beyond offenders

‘Looking beyond offenders to the needs of victims and communities’ is a paper written by Mick Gooda, Emilie Priday and Louise McDermott from the Australian Human Rights Commission. This article examines the applications for justice reinvestment in Australia, primarily in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Value of justice reinvestment approach

‘Submission to Senate inquiry: Value of justice reinvestment approach’ was written by Just Reinvest NSW in 2013, responding to the terms of an Australian Senate inquiry into the value of a justice reinvestment approach to criminal justice in Australia.

Insights from the coalface

‘Insights from the coalface: The value of justice reinvestment for young Australians’ was produced by the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) in 2013.

Is justice reinvestment needed in Australia?

This report edited by Jill Guthrie is an edited transcript of proceedings of a one-day forum convened in 2012 by the National Centre for Indigenous Studies (NCIS) at The Australian National University, posing the questions, Is Justice Reinvestment needed in Australia?, What does Justice Reinvestment mean in practical terms?, and Should Australia explore Justice Reinvestment as a policy option?