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Trialling and testing community-led collaborative justice reinvestment

Having completed the following key milestones during the early implementation phase:

  • data collection and analysis to better understand community needs;
  • establishment of a backbone infrastructure to facilitate collaboration and track progress; and
  • agreement on a common agenda to reduce youth crime and increase community safety,

we have now secured funding for the next phase of the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project.

Over the next three years we will implement a community-led collaborative approach to justice reinvestment with support from the Dusseldorp Forum, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, Cages Foundation, St Vincent de Paul, the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, and Legal Aid NSW.

Working Groups, comprised of government and non-government agencies and service providers and Bourke community members, have been established around three priority areas identified in the community’s justice reinvestment strategy Growing our Kids Up Safe, Smart and Strong:

  • Early childhood (0-5 year olds)
  • 8-18 year olds, and
  • Role of men.

These Working Groups met for the first time on June 15-16 and have begun the work of considering which evidence-based strategies will best achieve their goals and developing action plans for implementing those strategies.

Next steps are to develop and implement:

  • a shared measurement system for partners (government, non-government and community members) to track their progress towards meeting their goals and
  • strategies for continuous communication and collaboration between partners.

Economic modeling will also take place during this implementation phase to demonstrate to government the costs saved over a 5-10 year period as a result of effective implementation.

Within the next few months, a report prepared by KPMG will be provided to the NSW Government outlining the process so far and presenting a ‘case for change’ – and most importantly, setting out what role the Government needs to play.


Posted: 5 July 2016

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