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A Justice Reinvestment Framework for Dubbo is the Answer

Just Reinvest NSW welcomes the announcements of the Dubbo Mayor Ben Shields that Dubbo will look towards justice reinvestment as an approach to reduce crime, save money and change the lives of the Dubbo community.

Justice reinvestment is a place based, data-driven approach to justice that builds stronger communities by redirecting money that would be spent on prisons into early intervention, crime prevention and diversion.

The Dubbo Regional Council will form a new committee to oversee justice reinvestment projects in Dubbo and Wellington and to ensure that necessary council resources are allocated to these projects.

Initiatives such as the Drug Court and the establishment of a new rehabilitation facility will result in less crime and a safer community. They should be introduced as part of a Justice Reinvestment framework, through which resulting savings can be reinvested into supporting community driven strategies to reduce crime.

‘This is a move to adequately resource approaches to meet the complex needs of offenders and create equal access to early intervention and diversionary options,’ Sarah Hopkins, Chair of Just Reinvest NSW said.

‘It is imperative that the Aboriginal community be front and centre of the consultations and co-design the justice reinvestment initiatives.’

6 October 2017

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