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Impact of Maranguka Justice Reinvestment

KPMG Impact Assessment

On 27 November 2018, we launched the KPMG Impact Assessment of the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project.

Key findings of the report included improvements in:

  • Family strength: 23% reduction in police recorded incidence of domestic violence and comparable drops in rates of re-offending
  • Youth development: 31% increase in year 12 student retention rates and a 38% reduction in charges across the top five juvenile offence categories
  • Adult empowerment: 14% reduction in bail breaches and a 42% reduction in days spent in custody.

As a result of these achievements, and achievements in other areas, KPMG estimated an economic impact of $3.1 million in 2017 – and if just half of the results achieved in 2017 continued, an additional impact of $7 million.

Of this, approximately two thirds relate to impact to the justice system and one third is broader economic impact to the region.