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JR Toolkit

JR Toolkit

Justice Reinvestment Community Toolkit

This is our new Justice Reinvestment Community Toolkit. The Toolkit is designed to help you and your community start thinking about and  implementing a justice reinvestment approach. Use the links below in the “Toolkit Resources” section to download videos and templates.

Download the Justice Reinvestment Community Toolkit here.

Justice Reinvestment: is your mob ready for it? Community Flyer

This is a flyer about justice reinvestment. Use to to begin a discussion about justice reinvestment with your mob – and if you want to know more, download the Toolkit above.

Download the Justice Reinvestment Community Flyer here.

If you are interested in receiving a hard copy of the Toolkit, or further information about justice reinvestment generally, contact us at: info@justreinvest.com.au or call 02 9213 4100 and ask to speak with the Justice Reinvestment team.

Toolkit Resources