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Just Reinvest Youth Forum

Youth Ambassadors of Just Reinvest NSW in partnership with the Kingsford Legal Centre are holding a Just Reinvest Youth Forum on Thursday 6 October, at 6.30pm in G02 Theatre, Central Lecture Block, UNSW.

We cannot afford to lose another generation of Aboriginal children to the criminal justice system.
Right now, over half of the children in NSW jails are Aboriginal. In 2014 it cost us $293,200 to lock up one child for one year. Imagine what that money could be spent on in communities.
The recently aired ABC Four Corners ‘Backing Bourke’ episode gave us insight into the importance of a justice reinvestment approach in the Bourke community to curb youth crime and reduce incarceration.


Sarah Hopkins, Chair of Just Reinvest NSW

Kaleesha Morris, KLC, Youth Ambassador, Just Reinvest NSW

Kobie Duncan, Youth Ambassador, Just Reinvest NSW

Trei Stewart, Youth Ambassador, Just Reinvest NSW

Keenan Mundine, Arbias, Youth Ambassador, Just Reinvest NSW

Come and learn more about Justice Reinvestment and what you can do to help!

Please RSVP by Friday 1 October 2016 by emailing your name to: legal@unsw.edu.au




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/708117319329190/

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