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Maranguka Education, Employment & Training Community Summit identifies key solutions

The Maranguka Education, Employment and Training Community Summit (MEETCS) was held in Bourke on the 28th & 29th of May at Bourke High School.

The summit brought together approximately 110 representatives from across government, schools, NGO’s, funders and community to discuss a solution-focused design to improve the lives and opportunities of people in the Bourke community, and to celebrate and build on the success of current and past programs.

The MEETCS summit provided an opportunity for participants to choose their focus areas and discuss potential solutions. Groups then pitched their top idea to a group of young people for feedback. The feedback provided was then adapted to the solutions.

The main goals of the summit were to create a 10 year plan for education, employment and training in the Bourke Community. With this, clear initiatives and outcomes for each focus area of MEETCS would be applied over the next 12 months. The initiatives and outcomes lead to goals set for 2029 and benchmarks for success for 2022. These long term goal, benchmark and activities contribute to achieving the outcomes set out in Growing Or Kids Up, Safe Smart & Strong Strategy.

Following the summit a suspension plan was developed which is a coordinated response to support suspended students or students at risk of suspension. The plan has two key elements:

  • Information sharing for collaboration, early intervention and prevention and
  • A collaboration agreement between the schools and relevant services to support a restorative and structured approach to suspensions.
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