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New Work with Communities Interested in JR

Just Reinvest NSW has received a $250,000 grant from the Department of Justice’s Community Safety Fund to support a Community Engagement Project. Jenny Lovric, previously from Legal Aid NSW, will be working alongside Just Reinvest NSW Coordinators Nicole Mekler and Joanna Lunzer on this project .

Through this project, Just Reinvest will work with a number of communities across NSW to help them determine whether a community-led justice reinvestment approach is suitable for them, and how they may go about doing this kind of work.

The need for this project arose through calls to Just Reinvest NSW from various communities across NSW for more information on Justice Reinvestment, based on the good stories from the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment project in Bourke.

Our soon-to-be released Justice Reinvestment ‘Toolkit’ will be used through the project. The Toolkit is a guide and community resource that includes insights and learnings from Maranguka.

Part of the project involves working closely with 2 or 3 communities to assist them with initial data collection and facilitate data-driven community decision-making on priority areas and goals for reducing crime, as well as ‘quick-impact’ initiatives to help reduce young people’s contact with the criminal justice system.

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