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Mi-kaisha Masella

Dharumbal Murri, Mi-kaisha, has fought for social justice her entire life. The 17 year old’s passion for sharing people’s experiences and stories has driven her to share her own story through music and take a stand. Mi-kaisha believes it is important that young people, and all people, find their voice anduse it to work on issues that affect them and are important to them. Mi-kaisha is President of the United Nation’s empowerment program, Girl Up, at her school. This is a group of young women who advocate for girl’s rights, educate others about the issues affecting girls in developing countries and in local communities in the hope of making positive change.

Mi-kaisha is also Head Girl at International Grammar School, House Captain and actively volunteers for Aboriginal community organisations and children’s charities. She is an inaugural member of the Youth Advisory Group of the Western Sydney Centre for Indigenous Excellence and works after school for AIME. Mi-kaisha uses music to challenge stereotypes, provoke debate and tell stories of strength. “I feel that because I have been equipped with the life tools I need to succeed, a great education and have always had an amazing support system of people backing me, I need to show the world what a young Indigenous person can achieve when given a chance, and a level playing field.”

“The power that lies in our community, hasn’t been recognised by those outside of our world experience. Our people have endured so much and have so much resilience and I think it’s important to show the world that power.”