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Aunty Mille Ingram

Aunty Mille Ingram was born and raised in Wiradjuri country (Cowra) in central NSW. She was the Chief Executive Officer of Wyanga Aged Care, before retiring. Ms Ingram believes the incarceration rate of Aboriginal youth in Australia is a national disgrace, and an indictment on all of our Australian governments. “STOP the penal attitude and start looking at prevention,” said Ms Ingram. “Poverty should not be a crime. From poverty comes homelessness and substance abuse. This lifestyle can lead to committing minor offence which leads to incarceration which leads to a criminal record. How can something so preventable be so hard to fix?  It can be fixed, at a much lesser cost than it is to imprison our young people.  Start listening to community. Start funding community based programs focusing on preventive projects and programs that will keep Aboriginal families together with a fine quality of life. Maybe then we will see a reduction in the imprisonment rate of our people. Our target should be a 50% reduction of incarceration of Aboriginal youth by 2020. If the goodwill and funding is provided by governments, it can be achieved.”

Aunty Mille Ingram was the Chief Executive Officer of Wyanga Aged Care. Aunty Millie is a Champion of Just Reinvest NSW.