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Nahdia Noter

My name is Nahdia Noter, I’m a proud Bundjalung woman from Tweed Heads. I grew up in Dalby for my younger years, a beautiful country town located in QLD then moved back to Tweed Heads during my teenage years.

I’ve grown up in a system that hasn’t been very favourable towards me, simply because of the colour of my skin. Institutions operate on a deeply entrenched racist system, ultimately this affects us all as we are one race, the human race and we must come together to support one another rather than allow ourselves to be divided.

My dad taught me, “Black, White or Brindle, doesn’t matter what colour you are, when you walk in the street you say Hello to them.” Because of what he taught me, it bothers me so much that hatred of differences, that are actually beautiful, exist.

It’s important to me to change the system because of what my family and ancestors have been through, what they have survived. I know what they’ve gone through, I know I’ve carried the Trauma from that. I’m reaching out to places that I can heal myself. I don’t want my daughter to be effected by that, the next generation.

Just Reinvest is a powerful mechanism for change as it is a community of people and organisations who believe that holistic approaches are the only way to make significant generational change through justice reinvestment.

I want other young people to know that there is always hope and there is always people that care. There are solutions, and you can make change, people can work together to make these big problems, not too big to be solved. I want young people to not stop believing in themselves and not compromise on what they inherently know to be right. We all have an inner voice that guides us. Listen to it and trust in it.

 Nahdia Noter is a Weave Youth and Community Services Youth Advocate and talented artist.