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Prof Tom Calma AO

Prof Tom Calma AO, is an elder from the Kungarakan and Iwaidja tribal groups from the south-west Darwin region and the Coburg Peninsula in Northern Territory and a Champion of Just Reinvest NSW. He is commonly referred to as the grandfather of justice reinvestment in Australia, first bringing it to the government’s attention when he was Social Justice Commission at the Australian Human Rights Commission from 2004-2010. Prof Calma says justice reinvestment can work if all stakeholders have the will to make it work. “For too many years reports on justice and prison reforms have gathered dust while politicians espouse a tough on crime approach,” says Prof Calma. “International experience is demonstrating that investing in community and individuals through development programs and treating addiction of substances as a health not criminal issue, is having significant positive social and economic outcomes. We can and must trial justice reinvestment in NSW.”

Prof Tom Calma AO is a professor at the University of Sydney and Chancellor of the University of Canberra.