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Tammy Solonec

Tammy Solonec is a Nigena woman from Derby, in the Kimberley of Western Australia. She is a Champion of Just Reinvest NSW and the Indigenous Rights Manager with Amnesty International. Ms Solonec believes the current system of ‘justice’ in Australia is hardly just. “Too many of our men, women and children are incarcerated – and many of them simply because of the circumstances of disadvantage and poverty they are born in,” said Ms Solonec. “The impacts of incarceration on individuals, in terms of their psychology, well being and employment prospects are enormous and often interfamilial and intergenerational.  The time for change is now. Justice Reinvestment, ‘smart on crime’ and compassionate solution based approaches to justice is the way forward for Australia.”

Tammy Solonec is the Indigenous Rights Manager with Amnesty International Australia.