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Second Maranguka Cross-Sector Leadership Group

The second Cross-Sector Leadership Group was convened on the 14th August in Dubbo by The Hon. Brad Hazzard, Minister for Health and Medical Research and Cross Government Champion for the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project in Bourke.


Maranguka is about the Aboriginal community of Bourke taking control of their own future. Part of this involves realigning and integrating community, government and non-government organisations to providing better service provision and delivery with and for the Aboriginal community. Maranguka is a new way of doing community business.


Senior representatives from government, non-profits, philanthropy and the Bourke community came together to continue their support of the Aboriginal Community in Bourke’s agenda for change. There was a continued commitment to creating the enabling conditions needed to achieve the goals of the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project: to reduce youth offending and incarceration, build alternate pathways and create a safer community.

Executive Director of Maranguka, Alistair Ferguson said, “We are now growing – not dwelling on the deficit, but harnessing the goodwill. Looking around the room, it is clear the support this process has.” He further commented, “We are forging a new partnership and new relationships. We are represented here by all tiers of government, NGOs and the corporate and philanthropic sector.”

Senior leaders from all sectors were briefed on the enablers and barriers that have been experienced over the last year by the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project. The group then committed to different strategies to reduce some of the barriers and grow the enabling conditions for change.


The Group are determined to working collaboratively and supporting their people working on the ground in Bourke who, through Working Groups, are responsible for implementing the strategies for change.

A panel of key players from the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project including Alistair Ferguson, Executive Director; Minister Hazzard, Cross-Sector Champion; Sarah Hopkins, Project Director and Ashley Albury, Convenor of the Cross-Sector Executive Group, agreed the key areas going forward are: keeping the Bourke community at the centre of decision making, active coordination of services, governance development, data sharing, authorisation and capacity building of people working on the ground.


A Cross-Sector Leadership Executive Group has been meeting every two months to consider broader service sector reforms that was identified as a priority area by the Bourke Tribal Council.

The Cross-Sector Leadership Group has committed to meet next year in Bourke.


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