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What is justice reinvestment?

Justice reinvestment is not a ‘program’. It is an evolving process that involves people in communities coming together to drive collaboration that creates lasting change.

At the heart of justice reinvestment is the idea that a safer society comes from building stronger communities, and that communities are best placed to identify which problems affect them the most and what strategies to try which might address these issues.

Justice reinvestment is a way of working that is led by the community, informed by data and builds strategies to address issues at a local level.

The aim is to redirect funding away from prisons and into communities that have high rates of contact with the criminal justice system, through both community-led initiatives and state-wide policy and legislative reform.

Areas of particular focus include improving service coordination and collaboration and reducing the number of people imprisoned for minor offences. This includes finding impactful ‘circuit breakers’ that disrupt known pathways to prison, such as providing drivers’ licence training to reduce traffic offences.