Give me a life

not life in prison

I don't want to be another statistic. There are already too many Aboriginal kids in jail. Justice reinvestment will help me and my friends.

Build me a

Brighter future

We're asking government to shift spending allocated for prisons towards community-based programs and services.

Justice reinvestment

just makes sense

Homelessness, child abuse, disability, high-risk drug and alcohol use, poor school attendance, a lack of appropriate services, violence, discrimination and poverty all contribute to the reasons why young people get caught up in the criminal justice system. Let's deal with these issues, not build more prisons.

Welcome to Just Reinvest NSW

In NSW, over half the children in jail are Aboriginal, at a cost of $652 per day.

Just Reinvest NSW aims to convince the NSW government to implement justice reinvestment to reduce the number of Aboriginal children inside our prisons.

Justice reinvestment is a smarter, cost-effective approach to criminal justice being implemented overseas and now in Australia to reduce mass imprisonment and strengthen capacity in local communities. Evidence shows that when justice reinvestment is implemented, less people go to jail meaning more money is available for reinvestment. Justice reinvestment addresses the underlying causes of why crime is occurring to improve outcomes for individuals and communities.

Just Reinvest NSW believes we simply cannot afford to lose another generation of Aboriginal young people. And NSW simply cannot afford to neglect local communities and lock up our children. We must just reinvest – now.


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