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Just Reinvest NSW is committed to addressing the overrepresentation of Aboriginal young people in custody.

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We aim to influence the New South Wales Government to shift spending that has been allocated for prisons towards community-based programs and services that address the factors that contribute to criminal behaviour in young people.

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Homelessness, child abuse, disability, high-risk drug and alcohol use, poor school attendance, a lack of appropriate services; violence, discrimination and poverty all act as precursors to young people becoming entrenched in the criminal justice system. There issues are difficult for Aboriginal young people to manage without help.

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NSW Election 2015 Just Reinvest NSW’s Election Policy PaperJust Reinvest NSW is calling for a bipartisan approach to justice reinvestment

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It costs around $652 a day to lock up a young person in detention. It costs a lot less to educate and if required, rehabilitate a young person.

More than half the young people inside NSW detention centres are Aboriginal. Around one third of the adults in prison are Aboriginal. There is a clear nexus between juvenile detention and adult imprisonment.

Simply put, Justice Reinvestment takes money out of prisons and puts it back into communities where juvenile crime is occurring. It’s a smarter, cost-effective approach to criminal justice.

We aim to convince the New South Wales Government to adopt a Justice Reinvestment approach to Aboriginal young people and their communities.

We simply cannot afford to lose another generation of Aboriginal young people. NSW simply cannot afford to keep locking people up.

Let’s think differently and Just Reinvest – now.

 Just Reinvest NSW is a not for profit organisation auspiced by Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Ltd.

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