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Mounty Yarns is a youth-led project, presented in this film as stories, expertise, and knowledge by and with Aboriginal young people with lived experience of the criminal justice system and the impact it has on them and their families.

In Mt Druitt (Darug Country in Western Sydney), the Aboriginal community is also focusing on young leaders to develop their capacity to share stories and advocate for change based on their lived experience of the criminal justice system. Other areas identified in Mt Druitt that are important for the community to help keep its young people out of prison and create safer communities is the OzTag program, Mounty Yarns work (creative advocacy and storytelling), Learner Driver Mentors Program, youth support from police custody, bail project, community fines action plan and access to data.

Watch the film here:

The JR Mt Druitt team and young people has also developed the Mounty Yarns Report for all stakeholders with the following key policy and program recommendations that can support young Aboriginal people in Mt Druitt right now:

  • Back our young people to advocate for change in Mount Druitt:
    • Donate to support our advocacy strategy 
    • Share your skills, knowledge or networks
    • Volunteer
    • Share this Mounty Yarns document and the Official Film: Mounty Yarns-
  • Help to establish an Aboriginal controlled youth service:
    • We are asking government, corporates, and philanthropy to collaborate to resource our youth service
    • If you’re interested in joining our working group to make this happen – contact 

What government and services can do:

  • Work in partnership with Aboriginal young people from Mount Druitt to respond to the ideas and pathways for change young people have identified
  • Share data on what services, programs, projects are currently funded in Mount Druitt and what they are funded to deliver (investment mapping) and hold services accountable for delivering what young people need:
    • Government and NGOs to provide data on what is being funded and for what 
    • Provide data to track and understand what is working, and what isn’t working, and to track progress
  • Police, Education, Health, Housing and other government services to improve their relationships with community and work with community to achieve better outcomes

Get Involved/
As a Community member

Here you can discover the ways of learning about and engaging with JR that will best suit your community and the circumstances that you find are affecting Aboriginal People’s contact with the criminal justice system, and what you can do about it.

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