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Welcome to Just Reinvest NSW

#JustReinvest  #BuildCommunitiesNotPrisons

Justice reinvestment works to reduce the number of Aboriginal people being imprisoned by putting resources into building strong communities, not expensive and ineffective prisons.

In NSW, over half the children in jail are Aboriginal. This costs more than $1200 per child per day.

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About Justice Reinvestment

What is
Justice Reinvestment?

In Australia the prison system costs taxpayers $3.7 billion a year. We cannot afford to continue down this path. There’s a better way to invest our resources.

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JR Calculator

Would justice reinvestment benefit your community? Find out how much is being spent on services and incarceration in your local area using the JR Calculator.

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Justice Reinvestment
in Bourke

Australia’s first justice reinvestment trial is happening in Bourke, a small town in north-west NSW.

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