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Smarter orders

The most recent research articles and papers related to the need for smarter court orders which would reduce the chances of Aborignal people entering into the criminal justice system and being vulnerable to living in a circuit of offending.

State of Incarceration – Insights into Imprisonment in New South Wales‘, published by Justice Reform Initiative (JRI), December 2021. This report by JRI analyses the data from the criminal justice system in New South Wales is failing, arguing that the overreliance on incarceration is entrenching existing disadvantage, highlighting the need for much greater resourcing of evidence-based community-led programs which are shown to reduce recidivism. This report highlights the need for smarter court orders: “outlining serious problems with remand, with more than 3 in 10 people in NSW prisons unsentenced – an increase of 10 per cent over the last decade. New South Wales keeps 15 per cent of people on remand in prison for longer than a year, more than any other state or territory. More than half of people in NSW prisons have been held on remand for more than three months and more than a third have been on remand for more than six months.”

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