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TAKE ACTION: Sign the Petition – Build Communities, Not Prisons!

The Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project is delivering real outcomes for the Aboriginal community of Bourke. Domestic violence-related assaults are down by 39%. Driving offences are down by 35%. 236 more people now have their licence. The number of young people charged with driving without a licence is down by 72%.

We are calling on the Federal & NSW Governments to shift funding away from prisons and into community-led justice reinvestment initiatives like the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project.


  • Funding for community-led justice reinvestment initiatives
  • Establishment of an independent organisation to provide data & on-the-ground support to communities
  • Policy and law reform to reduce the prison population and free up resources for reinvestment in communities.

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Four Corners ‘Backing Bourke’

The Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project featured on Four Corners on Monday the 19th of September.

To watch the program visit the Four Corners Website

We hope that you watch Four Corners on Monday and encourage others to as well.

If you would like to help promote Just Reinvest NSW and justice reinvestment, online and through your networks we have some resources to help you.

  • A Fact Sheet
  • A Q&A
  • Supporter Kit including:
    • An email you can send to your networks
    • Suggested social media posts
    • A draft newsletter copy you can adapt for publication
    • A brief news story for a website

Raise your voice

We need your help to raise awareness about the advantages of justice reinvestment for your local community.

By raising your voice, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and take part in a range of activities such as:

  • writing to and meeting your local MP
  • promoting Just Reinvest NSW and justice reinvestment online
  • engaging your local community in the need for justice reinvestment
  • engaging with local media

Raising your voice is not a full-time job and can fit around your current commitments. It could take 20 minutes to write a letter to your MP, or 2 minutes to tweet a Just Reinvest NSW update, or a few hours to prep and attend a meeting with your MP in your local community.

You don’t need to have experience. We can provide you with materials (such as fact sheets and toolkits) and support along the way. In fact you’ll find many of them on this page.

To raise your voice all you need is a passion for justice reinvestment and a strong desire to see governments act differently this time, because a life that leads to prison is not the life you would wish for any child.


Take action

Your voice counts so we encourage you to get involved.

Share our information sheets

Contact your local Member

Find your local Member and use this template to send your MP a letter asking them to support justice reinvestment in your local community


Understand what’s happening in your local community

Use the JR Calculator to help you understand what’s happening in your local area. Are there too many kids being incarcerated? How much is being spent on locking people up from your local area? Could that money be more wisely spent by providing much needed services in your community, to prevent crime occurring in the first place?


Organise a community forum on justice reinvestment

We may be able to provide assistance in organising a community forum on justice reinvestment. We have speakers who may be able to present and/or facilitate a community meeting, and we have powerpoint presentations to help explain justice reinvestment. Contact us


Link up your community leaders with our Champions

We may be able to provide assistance in linking your community with Indigenous leaders and Champions to learn more about justice reinvestment. Contact us

Write an article

Write an article or a letter to your local newspaper on why justice reinvestment is a better way of doing things. Write a blog for your website.


Lobby or phone

Lobby your local member and let them know you support justice reinvestment. We may be able to provide assistance in gaining political support for change in your community. Contact us


Talk to your family, friends and colleagues

Our top suggested talking points are:

  • We are in a crisis. Aboriginal young people now make up over 50% of the juvenile prison population in NSW, and are 28 times more likely to be placed in juvenile detention than non-Aboriginal young people. Yet Aboriginal young people make up less than 3% of the population.
  • NSW cannot afford to ignore Justice Reinvestment approaches. It costs over $652 per day or $237,250 annually to imprison one young person. At a fraction of the cost a young person could be provided with access to mental health services, case workers, youth development programs, employment and training programs, or with rehabilitation programs in local communities.
  • Justice reinvestment provides stepping stones to a better life. Aboriginal young people need our help to address the circumstances leading them to prison. Homelessness, child abuse, disability, drug and alcohol misuse, poor school attendance, a lack of services, violence, discrimination and poverty are all part of why young people are becoming entrenched in the criminal justice system.
  • We are in danger of losing an entire generation of Aboriginal young people. Support Just Reinvest NSW and show your support for justice reinvestment approaches in NSW by visiting our website.


Learn more about justice reinvestment


Provide a gift of a donation

Just Reinvest NSW receives no ongoing funding so we rely on generous donations from people like you to continue to raise awareness about justice reinvestment and how governments can become smart on crime, rather than tough on crime. Donate today



Just Reinvest NSW relies on volunteers. We are looking for expertise in all sorts of areas including research, policy, communications, community engagement, IT and so on. Join today by sending your CV and a letter explaining how your skills may benefit us.



We accept interns in the areas of law, research, policy, media, communications, community engagement, and events. Other areas of study may also be accepted. All of our internships are undertaken on a voluntary basis, and are usually project based. Please send your CV and a cover letter today.


Work with us

There are currently no employment opportunities available. Please check back soon.


Become a Member

Be part of our wonderful team aiming to convince the NSW government to adopt a policy of justice reinvestment. Membership is open to individuals (18 years and older) and organisations, and costs as little as $5. There are now more than 20 organisations actively engaged in Just Reinvest NSW, with many others providing support. Contact us to become a Member of Just Reinvest NSW today.


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