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From ‘supermax for kids’ to family man and Indigenous role model

Originally published by The Guardian, January 22, 2021. Author: Laura Murphy-OatesThe young adult: Isaiah spent his teen years in and out of youth detention. Now he’s using his experience to reach others like him in western Sydney It’s five minutes before kickoff of the Penrith Oztag men’s semifinals in western Sydney, and there’s a problem. Two players […]
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Do you fear us? Why else does a 10 year old Aboriginal kid need to be caged?

Just Reinvest NSW Youth Ambassadors Isaiah Sines and Terleaha Williams published an opinion editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald on July 28, 2020 . Do you fear us? Why else does a 10-year-old Aboriginal kid need to be caged? The nation’s attorneys-general met on Monday to discuss whether to raise the age of criminal responsibility. They […]
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